PMCPOA Board of Directors



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 Chair: William Gurtner
Vice Chair: John Cantley
Secretary: Sandy Browne
Treasurer: Stephan Bates
Garry Biggerstaff
Susan Canaan
Gary Kemmer
Doug Wilde
Phyllis Throckmorton (filling remaining term for Tom McMullen, who resigned in Dec. 2016)
 Rory Worster, CMCA, AMS
Want to Talk With the Board Chair? Here's How
If you would like to speak with the Chair of the PMC Board of Directors, there is a way in which to do so. To book some one-on-one time with Board Chair William Gurtner, contact the front desk and schedule an appointment. Visits will be booked in 15-minute increments. This is the members' chance to vent, inform, question, enlighten, propose a solution or put an end to issues and concerns they believe the Board should know about. Please call the office for an appointment.
To view agendas, minutes and resolutions from previous or upcoming Board of Director's meetings, please click on the "Board Meeting Documents" menu item.