Snow Plowing Procedures and Snow Information

Snow Plow Status Map

The "Snowplow Status Map" below is a way for residents and guests to view the progress of plowing PMC roads and cul-de-sacs, as updated by staff. For more information on how PMC crews prioritize these efforts during and following a winter storm, visit the Snow Removal FAQ.

PLEASE NOTE that the accuracy of the information being shared is not guaranteed due to, among other things, staffing, communications deficiencies, or unstable or no internet connection. It is possible a street could be listed as "Not plowed" when it has, in fact, been plowed, and vice versa. The message from Google indicating the site is being updated every five minutes refers to Google's monitoring of changes to the list of streets and does not necessarily correlate with the timing of updates being provided by our personnel. If a street is not listed on the map or street list, please contact the PMCPOA office.

More Snow Removal and Preparedness Information

Please click here to view the PMCPOA snow plowing procedures.
Please click here to view the Snow Removal FAQ brochure.
Please click here to view a Winter Preparedness Checklist.

Please click here to view a Mountain Communities of Frazier Park Snow Play Guide.

Mil Potrero Highway

A Reminder that Mil Potrero Highway is operated and owned by Kern County, not the PMC Association. The Association may not maintain the road or lay down cinders without express permission from Kern County Roads. If you have a problem on the highway, please call CHP and Kern County Roads if needed.

Radio Safety Net Program

PMCPOA has implemented a new Radio Safety Net Program to connect volunteers with neighbors in need during emergencies. To view details about the program, please click here, email [email protected], or call the RSN general information number at (661) 241-3754.